There are many uprades available for your Viper Bait Boat, from converting the handset door release to full 2.4ghz revamps.

See below for a list of available upgrades.

Handset Upgrade £40

If you have a Viper MK3 we can upgrade the handset for you so the door release is operated by the switch on top of the handset instead of the right hand joystick. This prevents accidental dropping of the bait when controlling the boat.

If you would like this upgrade we only require you to send the handset back to us and not the boat, the return costs are included in the price providing it is being posted within the UK mainland.

External Power Switch and LED for Fish Finders £49

We will wire your Fish Finder (FF1/FC500) so it runs off the boat battery supply, this reduces the running costs and charging times for those of you with the above fish finders.

As part of this upgrade we will attach a toggle switch and LED to upper part of the hull so you can turn the fish finder on and off without taking the batteries out. This is a great feature as it not only makes it convenient but it will prevent you from forgetting to turn off the fish finder when not in use.

This upgrade is for the X-Range and Storm boats only. Please return the boat and fish finder only if you would like this upgrade. As before the price includes return postage, but if you fail to send the boat back in an adequate box and packing you may be charged extra for anything we have to provide.

2.4ghz Upgrade from £200

We can now upgrade your Viper Bait Boat to our new 2.4ghz system, this upgrade will include a new handset, receiver and door mechanism. When we convert to 2.4ghz we also fit in Speed Controls instead of the EPCB, doing this means the LEDS will no longer flash on some models. To compensate for this we add a bright 10mm LED to the back of the boat which flashes when you activate the door until you turn it off which gives a clearer indication.

Transmitter Stick replacement

If you have either lost your transmitter stick ends or just want to change the look of your handset then check out these new Transmitter stick replacements, we have then in Red, Gold and Purple.

They are ideal if you want to colour co-ordinate the controls on your Transmitter, eg. Purple stick for the door and Gold Stick for the lights etc. Or if you just want to have one better than your friends.


 £5 each


  £5 each


 £5 each





For more information or to book your boat in for an upgrade please contact us

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