Custom Boats

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Want to add a personal touch or style to your bait boat? Contact us now for more information on custom built boats. PLEASE NOTE: Custom colour boats are made to order only.

See example photos below for some of our custom built bait boats and modifications.


Icon 4 Gold Edition – A standard icon 4 that has been custom sprayed in gold metallic paint. Has yellow stickers on the boat and a brass polish finished boat handle. Gold joysticks on the handset.




 Icon 4 St.Georges’s Colours – Boat shell is made from white ABS with the battery lid sprayed red. Has UV LEDs on the back and a flashing red LED on the back to indicate when the hopper door has been dropped. Custom red joysticks on the handset.




Legacy XT Knight Rider Edition –  Modified Legacy XT with UV boat lights and super bright front light. Has a hopper light. Also has a scanning red LED strip on the front similar to that on the car from the classic Knight Rider series.




Ultimate Icon 4 – Additional LED lights on back of boat, red and white. Built in battery meter. Hopper light.



Custom White Icon 3 – White ABS shell. Upgraded to 2.4Ghz system. Hopper light. Custom orange, green, purple LED boat lights. Flashing red/blue hopper door release indicator on back of boat.



 Red/Black Storm 2 – Red ABS top, black hull. Red joysticks on handset.

custom bait boat



 Lime Green Viper MK3 – Standard mk3 with lime green ABS shell

bait boat custom abs shell



 Dark Green MK3s – Standard  MK3s with dark green ABS shell



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