Storm X

Introducing the new Storm X

The Storm X is a hybrid of the the Storm 2 and the X-Range. It maintains the robustness and stability of the Storm 2 whilst housing the extra long hopper of the X-Range making it the ultimate tool for any carp angler.

We will add more pictures and details on the Storm X in the coming weeks.


This is an incomplete list and is subject to change – more specifications will be added closer to release.

Ultra bright front 10mm LED light and intense 5mm Rear/Side LED lights.

2.4ghz digital radio control system, no more interference from other boat users.

Long Hopper ideal for longer rigs.

Runs off 2 12V batteries for increased running time.

Lights turn on/off via the handset.

Door drop indicator LED on the rear of the boat – Flashes Red/Blue.


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