Viper X-Range Bait Boat

RRP £665.00
RRP £920.00 with FF1 Fish Finder click for details
RRP £1,045 with FC500 Fish Finder click for details


*Made from glossy acrylic capped ABS. Powerful twin jet pumps that do not need to be primed, just put in the water and off she goes.

*Jet pumps also less susceptible to weed and other debris.

*All boats have superb maneuverability, allowing precise placement of bait.

*All boats come with adjustable filters.

*Viper X-RANGE comes with Bright front spot light.

*Viper X-RANGE carries 2 boat batteries at once giving double the running time.

*Built in battery meter .

*LED Navigation lights with with spot light.

*LED lights flash to indicate door release.

*Lights can be turned on and off from handset.

*Solar panel charging point.

*Quick change battery system allows batteries to be changed in seconds, weight of battery automatically makes seal of battery compartment.

*Large long hopper ideal for long rigs.

*Comes with radio handset including 8 AA batteries.

*2 x 12v boat batteries with charger.

*Instructions and warranty.

*All new X-RANGE boats comply with CE and ROHS regulations.

*Dimensions 760mm x 370mm x 250mm

*Hopper 460mm x 150mm x 70mm

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