Icon 3 with FF1 Fish Finder

Viper Icon Bait BoatOur aim when developing an affordable bait boat was to give the same quality as our bigger boats and use our jet pump system, rather than go for the cheaper option of using propellers. I think you will find when compared to other boats in this price range that the looks and quality will leave you in no doubt that the Icon is head and shoulders above the rest.

RRP £710.00 with FF1 Fish Finder


* Made from quality glossy acrylic capped ABS.

* Twin jet pumps that do not need to be primed, just put in the water and off she goes. Jet pumps also less susceptible to weed and other debris.

*All boats come with adjustable filters.

* All boats have superb maneuverability, allowing precise placement of bait.

* Built in battery meter and navigation lights as standard.

* LED lights flash to indicate door release.

*Quick change battery system allows batteries to be changed in seconds, weight of battery automatically makes seal of battery compartment.

* Central hopper (capacity 1kg ).

* Comes with radio handset with set of 8 AA alkaline batteries.

*12 heavy duty boat battery and charger. Instructions and warranty.

* All new “Viper” boats comply with CE and ROHS regulations.

* Dimensions. 590mm x 330mm x 210mm

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