Mk3 Pro


The Viper MK3 is back!! This time with propellers and over 60 minutes running time! Easier to steer using only one joystick on the handset.

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mk3 propeller bait boat

The Viper MK3 Pro specifications are listed below.


Boat Dimensions:

Boat size: 70cm long x 36cm wide x 24cm high

Weight of boat without battery: 5.3 kilo

Weight of boat with 12v battery: 8 kilo

Hopper size: 22cm long x 16cm wide

Bait capacity: 2 kilos


Viper MK3 Pro boat includes:

Standard boat Bag.

Bright 10mm LED spotlight on front of boat.

Red and Green LED’s on sides of boat. Blue LED’s on rear of boat.

All lights on boat toggle on and off via switch on the boat.

2.4 GHz handset complete with 8 x AA alkaline batteries.

Boat can be driven using just 1 joystick on the handset.

12v 9 boat battery complete with 12v charger.

Hopper door release switch on handset.

LED indicator on back of boat lights when hopper door is released.

Propellers with weed guards.

Over 60 minutes running time on one 9 amp battery.


Viper MK3 Pro

RRP £775.00


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